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Our mission and aim in this school is to equip other ministers of the gospel and the church leadership in this significant season that the Lord has and is confirming us to engage in. We believe that grace is given to the Five Fold ministers according
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BIGA stands for Beauty in Grace at Agape (09 Aug 2019) Women can be and have been the foundation of their families, homes and historically even nations. In these unique times, come and hear what the Lord is saying to you and us all. So that we can
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This ministry is dedicated to the children of God who are too young to attend the main Church Service. They meet together so that they may have a solid foundation in the body of Christ. Children will sooner or later make their own decisions and we ca

Bible College provides growing Christians with an opportunity for in-depth Bible-based studying. The courses and study programs offered are flexible and are geared towards meeting the needs of all Christians. We offer study materials that are Word-ba

The life and growth of the church is also within the home cells and the cells multiplying. A home cell is a group that meets to discuss topics as guided by the church as well. Just as a human body consists of cells, a church should consist of home ce

This is where women and men fellowship mostly in separate groups (a women’s group and a men’s group) and occasionally together. It is where both genders share best practices and also challenges they are faced with. Biblical reference is also made

The objective of the school is to build a foundation for the prophetic ministry within you. In the Academy we study the Scriptures and what is written in the New and Old Testament regarding the prophetic ministry. Studying the different gifts help

Our Youth is where we impact the young generation in our church with a hunger for being in a relationship with God. Here we identify the apostolic and the prophetic, vision identification and the ability to stand in the world as young people. The you