In the beginning of the new millennium the Lord had been sharing dreams and visions with Apostle Busisiwe Thebehali with regards to His plans for her.

The interpretation of these dreams and visions was to start an Apostolic Prophetic Ministry. The Lord had tasked her with establishing His plan which she was yet to fully understand what it comprised of and what would be expected of her. This church was not to become mediocre, but to become a channel where the Lord would establish His Kingdom here on earth.

After much wrestling with Lord, in October 2001 Apostle Busisiwe Thebehali started Agape Christian Church. Since then the Lord has been unfolding His plan to her which He revealed through dreams and visions.

Because the Lord’s plan was not just to establish a church but a ministry, more ministries were founded thus leading to the formation of Agape International Ministries South Africa (AIMSA). AIMSA is an umbrella organisation for the following ministries:

  • Agape Christian Church
  • Agape International Network
  • Agape International Fellowship
  • Agape Community Service
  • Agape Outreach Ministry

As the Lord’s plan continues to unfold, we continue to receive more revelation as to what He intended to fulfil by the commission He gave Apostle Busisiwe Thebehali. We still have more to do and more to accomplish for generations to come.



Our Vision

To reveal the Love of God as we are commanded in John 13v34-35

To carry out the Great Commission as commanded in Matthew 28v19-20

Our Mission

To reflect Isaiah 61v1-3: The Lord has called this church to bring Holist Healing for individuals who are hurting and wounded. Bring Holistic Healing to people who are depressed, discouraged and disappointed, especially in their walk with the Lord. To assist the Banished and Rejected by directing them to understand and know their purpose in the Kingdom. 4

Our Purpose

Reach out and Evangelise to the community and win souls for the Lord (Matthew 28v19-20)

Worship and Magnify our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Acts 2v46)

Fellowship and Encourage members of the congregation (John 13v34-35)

Discipleship and Edification of the people and leading them to maturity (Acts 2v42)

Service and furnish the ministry (Acts 2v45)



Agape International Ministries South Africa (AIMSA) is a Christo-centric Organisation. We endeavour to fulfil our Vision, Mission and Purpose for the benefit of the Kingdom of God and the community at large. The product of the church is a cured patient, a child that learns, a rehabilitated life, a self –respecting adult, a reformed prisoner and a transformed purpose, amongst others.

The bottom line is a changed human being.

AIMSA is also an Outreach Ministry - An Outreach ministry, in essence, is a compassionate ministry. We are moved by compassion to give what we can as an Organisation, establishing true, honest and godly principles in the community.

  • Compassionate ministry is rooted and grounded in God’s love for all persons. It is neither prejudice nor racist. We choose to uphold our Vision, Mission and Purpose to touch people in all walks of life.
  • Compassionate ministry recognises and supports the worth, dignity and integrity of the individual
  • Compassionate ministry offers the kind of help a person can use in his or her own situation
  • Compassionate ministry shows concern for the whole person
  • It is committed to quality service

We believe that the love of humanity is not sufficient motivation. The primary motivation is obedience to the Will of God. It is the love for the people that makes one compassionate to want to come to their aid, whatever their needs – body, spirit and soul.

As an Outreach Ministry, we have an international as well as an Inter-denominational Women’s and Men’s Ministries. 5



Apostle Busisiwe E. Thebehali

Apostle Busisiwe Thebehali is an ordained apostle of Agape International Ministries South Africa. She is heading a church in Diepkloof, Soweto. She is a mother of 4 children. She has a heart for the lost, poor and sick children of God. She trusts God with everything in her life. She is a coach, mentor and a mother. She is a woman of great faith, with high morals and strict discipline decorum.

Apostle Thebehali has always been generous with information. She is a deep avid reader and her hunger for knowledge seems to never come to an end! She is emotionally stable, not quick to react by actions, although quick and sharp to think. When she loves a person, she does her best to love and to care for that person, in a self-sacrificing manner.

As a leader, she is a woman with a vision, a woman who has passion for excellence and order. She is a strong leader, professional and executive. She is also a good judge of character, and a motivator and an encourager. She is hungry to see people rise up in order to maximise their destiny and fulfil their potential. She is disciplined, analytical, a perfectionist, conscientious, creative and detailed in what she does. Once she sets her mind to do something, she does it with her all. She ensures that she does not impose herself on people. She is also not an abusive or a manipulative leader. She allows people the freedom to be themselves. She delegates and involves the rest of the leadership within the church in decision making.

She puts systems in place to reach everybody in the congregation. She visits, cares and affirms God’s people. She believes everybody can speak for themselves. She teaches them not to be fearful towards the leadership, but, at the same time, handles everybody with respect. She assists financially where she can. The congregation stays in touch with her and the leadership with honour and care. She is highly favoured amongst God’s people. She understands that she should respect Christ that is in everyone.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Nursing Degree (B. Cur.)
  • Theological Degree (Honours in Theology)
  • Leads a Five Fold Ministers Forum
  • Leads an Apostolic Leadership School in Soweto annually.



Pastor Lettie Mokhojoe

She has been with her senior Pastor for years before the church was even started. She was very instrumental in the birthing of the church through her prayers. She is an ordained Pastor. She plays an important role in overseeing the church of Agape. Through her prayer life as an intercessor, she mothers a lot of up and coming prayer partners.

As a worshipper she knows and hears the heart of God. She is a mother of four and one granddaughter

Pastor Bertha Zwane

She has shown leadership qualities from the day she joined the church of Agape in 2002. She is an initiator. Popularly, she is known as “Mum Bertha”. She has proven to be a son in the house of Agape; she heads essential departments and today co-ordinates the church. She is the dean of Agape school of ministry. She is married with two sons.

Pastor Bheki Sibiya

He got born again in the house of Agape in 2003, got married in the house of Agape on the 18th December 2004. He is a leader in the making. He is a prophetic presbytery in the house of Agape. He heads the Men’s Fellowship. He carries a tremendous fear of the Lord upon his life. He is a son in the house of Agape. He is father of three children.



The Leadership is comprised of different Heads of Departments and their deputies and Group Leaders. They go through routine training from Apostle Busisiwe Thebehali and guest speakers who come to minister in the church. The atmosphere that is in the leadership is that of the family. We strive to emphasis family more the function.



Agape Christian Church is first a family of the Son’s of God, who commit to being lead ultimately by Father God and the fathering grace He sets over His Sons, who is the Set Man of the household.

What this means is that Agapeans first commit their lives to Christ and made a decision to follow Father God and His principles of life and way of living which He had in mind before creation was made. We believe that Father God will set a fathering grace over a household (also known as a church). This “fathering grace” is personified in the leader of the household, also known as the Set Man of the house, who is the Senior Minister of the church. The Set Man of the house will personify the Spirit of Fathering that is inherit in God the Father.

Every Agapean is expected to commit to being a son of God and submit to the fathering grace that Father God has set in this household.